Mar 1, 2015

Assalamu'laikum wbt. Gemornight fellas 😌 ( ndatau lah boleh read ka nda ni emoticon) 😂 maklum lah , i just sign in thru smartphone. Kalau dulu, kemain payah pagi, paksaaa la buka thru lappy. Keh keh keh.

Tonight's update which is sudah late, so then  we called  it late post la kan. 😁 well, i went to event Raudah smth, its majlis agama which banyak ustaz and ustazah datang mai bagi kuliah dgn slot2 diorang. Alhamdullilah, best mmg best. Allah ringankan hati pegi majlis ilmu mcm ni. Honestly, masa dekat sabah, benda mcm ni mmg rare and jarang ada. But since d kole lumpo ni, its like jadi kebiasaan sudah. Mogamoga istiqamah mcm ni in shaa Allah. Its 2 days event, so tmr pulak, hado Ustaz Azhar Idrus 😌 my fav. Even , yeah orang ganuu kan, i do my best to understand apa ja ustaz ni sampaikan hihi. I loike his jokes, and his intipati ceramah.

Well, yday sa just banyak rest sbb kejutan otak and tenaga kali 😂 tiba2 kerja , then do the paper work stuff, then kena blajar pasal insurance segala policy. Its like, well i love it. I really really and really love to learn and get something new in life. In fact, its for my own goods too. 😌 so, in shaa Allah, my effort and evet gonna worth it.

Next thing is, alhamdullilah. Ive become more calm again  and prefer to be like when needed, i'll try to be there-spisis 😁 it's like, bukan la mau jadi superwoman kan. Especially, bila my friend needs help o something, i would ask them once and then offer them a help. But if they refuse, then I just walk away while pray them for goods . It works today. 😊 too much care will lead  you much more dissapointment, hurts and eve. Trust me. Maybe before this, i admit that, i'm a person yg too-much-care person. Bukan apa, sebab experience before. I know what does it feel when you have no one to look after you, care for you, and to have less. So it's like , what if we give more without expecting back in return? Atleast, im happy on what i'm doin. Maybe yeah, if bukan diorang, maybe another person would do the same for us , just matter of time 😊 i mean, that is my opinion la. Tp the main concern to have this habit, selalu juga la people take things for granted kan. Things I always and idk.. Notice it and yet bagi amaran once. Then kalau diorang notice, syukur la. But i they don't, seriously i'll make my self away from them. Kalau juga manusia kan, siapa yg nda pandai penat 😌 cuba meh sini bagitau siapa, mau di bontoh ja tu sbb pelayang 😂

Alright. I think thats enough for this post. My eyes calib. macam hilang kompas sudah ni 😂 banyak juga turi, tapi nda membalas penat. Anyway, good night! 🙆

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